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Glenrock Energy, LLC (“Glenrock”) is a Casper, Wyoming-based carbon-management and upstream energy company. Glenrock is developing carbon-capture and related energy transition projects. Glenrock also owns and operates mineral properties in the Powder River Basin—referred to as the “Muddy-Glenrock” fields—that are well-suited for the secure geological storage of captured carbon dioxide.

Kemmerer Decarbonization Works

Kemmerer Decarbonization Works (the “Facility”) will produce carbon-neutral ammonia by repurposing the feedstock of an existing electricity generating station, which is scheduled for retirement. The Facility will be constructed at the site of the Kemmerer Mine, located in Kemmerer, Wyoming. All potential carbon emissions from the Facility will be captured and permanently sequestered in rock formations deep underground. By converting coal from the Kemmerer Mine into a carbon-free product, which can be readily transported to customers via existing infrastructure, the Facility will preserve or create hundreds of well-paying jobs while providing a sustainable, ongoing market for Wyoming energy resources.

Muddy-Glenrock fields

The Muddy-Glenrock fields consist of over 31,000 mostly contiguous acres with existing oil production, located in Converse County, Wyoming. The Muddy-Glenrock fields are the largest contiguous block of State oil and gas leases in Wyoming. The fields potential contain up to 90 million barrels of low-carbon oil. Combining carbon-capture and tertiary recovery reduces net lifecycle carbon emissions per barrel of oil produced by up to 63%.


Glenrock proposes to construct and operate a post-combustion, carbon-capture facility at the Dave Johnston Electricity Generating Station, which is located six miles from the Muddy-Glenrock fields. The carbon-capture facility will use a commercially proven process to remove 95% of the CO2 emissions from the exhaust stream of the retrofitted generating unit(s). Carbon-capture will transform Dave Johnston into a source of low-cost, reliable and dispatchable, low-carbon electricity. The Muddy-Glenrock fields are well-suited for secure geological storage of the captured CO2 via geological sequestration and/or low-carbon oil production. 


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